We look for ward to raising education level, continuous progress and society trust in our graduates whose levels compete the international criteria.

  1. Motivating distinction by supplying students and staff members with advanced academic programs.
  2. Setting up new database for students and staff members' service to raise education and scientific research efficiency.
  3.  Investing in training the academic staff on the new technology in teaching.
  4. Investing in training administrative staff on the new technology and the new methods in administration.
  5. providing an attracting circumstances and good preparation for cooperating in education and scientific research.
  6. providing a system to care and supply students and providing cultural and leading opportunities to show the ability of leadership and developing our students and the whole area.
  7. Setting up a website to facilitate and motivating communications.
  8. Developing a system to measure and evaluating performance to become a base for continuous advance.
  9. Strengthening the units with special aspects to be a consultative and experienced bases in serving business society and for achieving the necessary income to support development plans in the university.
  10. Attracting distinct staff and providing programs for their development.
  11.  Motivating and rewarding distinction in scientific research and creative fields.
  12. Playing a leading role in sending an environmental culture by following an active policy towards caring with the environment.
  13.  Endeavoring to achieve distinction and supporting quality assurance in all activities to prepare the University for Accreditation.