The university has 3 rules: Education, scientific research, society service and environment development.

Society service and environment development sectors affiliated to 3 managements: management of units with special aspect, environment projects management and conferences& communications management.

Central management unit will be established to serve staff members called "management unit for society service and environment development" this suggestion will presented in university council. The unit will present several services such as:

  1. Extracting certificates, status statement, salary details etc..
  2. Following and finishing holidays, traveling procedures and signs it from university management.
  3. Following and finishing medical care procedures and financials after death.
  4. Printing models explain implementing certain service.
  5. Extracting ID and permissions.
  6. Following training courses inside university.
  7. Saving national ID papers and financial situation.
  8. Finishing Hajj procedures.

Also, establishing center for disasters management and preparing reports about these in addition to presenting necessary suggestions in case of crisis and this suggestion presents in the supreme council of the units with special aspect.

This under auspices of prof/ Mansour Kabbash- university president

Contact us: 01210002575 – 0973483107

  •  With my appreciation

prof/ Nadi Kamal Aziz