The general management of postgraduate and scientific researches in Aswan University is responsible for matters of postgraduates (Diploma- Master –PHD) and following awards that grants inside and outside university.

It concerned with the following:

  • Supervising on scientific publication affairs in the university and implementing the policy in this direction.
  • Supervising on university libraries affairs and suggesting plans to support it with books and references.
  • Suggesting organizing conferences and scientific seminars.
  • supervising on scientific and cultural relations affairs.
  • Supervising on postgraduates affairs.
  • forming jury committees on the presented thesis to obtain Master and PHD degrees.
  • Studying faculties' reports and recommendation of its scientific conferences for postgraduate and scientific researches before presenting it to postgraduate council.
  • Suggesting what is suitable for providing devices for postgraduate and to achieve collaboration between faculties in this field.